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With a huge range of transcription platforms providing online remote work to freelance typists, it’s important that you choose the company that will best suit your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for full or part-time work, have extensive or minimal experience, prefer to work on a small scale or larger projects; each of these factors should be considered when applying for online transcription work. In this Athreon review, you’ll learn about one of the options.

In this review, we will look at Athreon and whether it offers legitimate, accessible job opportunities to remote transcription specialists. To do this, we will consider the company’s basic information and the opportunities they offer to contractors, any necessary qualifications or experience you might need to gain work through the site, and how much you could potentially earn with Athreon.

To evaluate we will look at the pros and cons, enabling you to make an informed decision as to whether Athreon seems like a good fit for you, your goals and your lifestyle.

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Athreon Review: About the Company

Athreon Transcription was founded in 1998 and has offices in Chicago and Indianapolis. The company has over thirty years of experience in the online transcription field and has provided legitimate earning opportunities to many freelance typists.

Predominantly, they offer transcription services to clients in the medical, legal, academic and corporate sectors. They also provide speech recognition, dictation and workflow management technology software, but for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on their transcription jobs.

Athreon claims to work with thousands of clients from all over the world and to offer a ‘mutually beneficial working relationship’ for both clients and contractors. As well as offering jobs that can be completed remotely and on a freelance basis, Athreon also employs typists to work in both their Chicago and Indianapolis offices.

The workflow is said to be consistent yet manageable and can be tailored to suit your lifestyle. As an Athreon transcription contractor, you will receive regular feedback from the company regarding your work, offering tips for improvement and support when you need it.

Athreon typists are free to set their own schedule and adjust this as needed. The work you are assigned will come with a deadline. The deadlines vary depending on the job; some will be lenient and flexible, while others might require extremely fast completion times. The jobs that are assigned to you will be chosen by Athreon’s marketing teams and are based on your own experience and skill level.

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Applicant Requirements

To apply for work with Athreon, you’ll need to be a resident of Canada or the United States and be 18 years of age or older.

There are also some qualifications you’ll need – Athreon only accepts applications from those with a high school diploma or GED. You’ll also need to have a transcription-related qualification to your name. These can be completed online but you might need to pay a small fee. If you don’t have formal qualifications but have a minimum of two years of proven professional experience in transcription, your application will also be considered.

Athreon doesn’t currently offer any training or professional development courses to applicants or contractors

All applicants are required to have a background check due to the sensitive nature of some of the work. It’s unclear whether the applicant is expected to pay for their own background check or if this will be covered by Athreon.

In terms of equipment, you will need access to a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection. The Athreon system is incompatible with Mac computers, so if you do have a Mac and don’t want to pay out for a new PC, this probably isn’t the best transcription platform for you.

A foot pedal and good quality headset are not essential but Athreon advises that these are likely to speed up your job completion times.

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How Much Does Athreon Pay?

Now the important part – how much could you potentially earn as an Athreon Transcription Specialist?

The Athreon website is pretty vague when it comes to payment s. Contractors are paid weekly via PayPal but rates of pay are not disclosed prior to application. This could be hugely off-putting to a lot of prospective typists.

The average rates of pay for remote transcription work fall somewhere around $10 to $15 per hour worked, but it’s impossible to say whether or not Athreon falls short or exceeds this amount. With lots of transcription platforms paying well below the national minimum rates, prospective contractors should be cautious of online earning opportunities that don’t disclose payment rates.

Athreon is a legitimate company but if you’re thinking you applying maybe consider getting in touch with their support team or previous and current contractors to find out how much you’re likely to be paid for your work.

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Athreon Review: Pros and Cons

After looking at the basics, how does Athreon fare in terms of the pros and cons of working for them as a freelance transcription typist?


1. Consistent Workflow

Athreon works with a wide range of clients all across the globe. Because of this, the workflow is generally very consistent. The marketing team will assign jobs to contractors based on experience level and area of expertise. If you’re able to complete jobs in a variety of fields (eg. medical and legal), the work can be extremely varied and engaging.

2. Thirty Years of Proven Experience in the Industry

Athreon is proven to be a legitimate income provider to many freelancers across the US and Canada. They are not yet accredited with the Better Business Bureau but nevertheless, they are a reputable company with plenty of experience.

3. Ongoing Support from the Athreon Team

As an Athreon transcription specialist, you will be given ongoing feedback and support throughout your career. Feedback is given intermittently and will provide tips for improving your accuracy and speed.


1. Payment Rates Not Disclosed

This is a significant con of working for Athreon. Payment rates are not disclosed anywhere on the website. In a sector where freelancers are frequently underpaid and exploited, this is likely to ignite some alarm bells.

2. Extensive Experience Required

Athreon is in no way suitable to those without any previous transcription experience or qualifications. The applicant requirements are quite extensive in comparison to some other transcription job sites.

3. Only Suitable for PC Users

The software used by Athreon and the systems they require their contractors to use are compatible only with Windows-based PCs. This excludes all Mac users, which makes Athreon considerably less accessible and user-friendly than some other companies.

So is Athreon a Good Choice?

Without a doubt, Athreon is a legitimate company with extensive experience in providing freelance typists with the opportunity to earn money for their services from the comfort of their own homes.

Athreon definitely has its good elements: mainly the consistent workload and the ongoing feedback and support.

However, the lack of clarity with regards to payment rates and the fact that the company works exclusively with Windows PC users makes the site much less appealing and accessible. Athreon also requires a high level of previous experience and expertise, so the site is not open to beginner transcriptionists.

Without information about the amount you could earn through Athreon, it is difficult to weigh up how the company compares to its competitors. There are lots of transcription sites out there that fully disclose their payment rates and are also more accessible to beginners and Mac users. The overall conclusion of this Athreon review is that Athreon does not appear to be the most inclusive or freelancer-friendly platform available.

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