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With more and more aspects of our daily lives moving online, employers and workers alike are realizing that there is little need to have employees stuck working from a busy office building every day. The ability to communicate digitally means that many workers are able to carry out their jobs remotely, from the comfort of their own homes or wherever else they choose. This Averbach Transcription review covers one of the best opportunities available.

Transcription is one job that lends itself particularly well to remote working. The job requires a high level of focus and concentration, and the nature of the work calls for a calm, quiet environment. Most of the time, this simply isn’t the reality when stuck in an office or cubicle surrounded by other people and potential distractions.

If you’ve considered remote working as a way of gaining more control and freedom in your life, transcription might be a great choice for you. But which online platform is best for freelancers? Where can you find the best rates of pay, the most flexible hours and the most supportive and helpful team?

In this review, we will look at Averbach Transcription, considering the pros and cons of working as an Averback typist, and whether this might be a good option for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

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Averbach Transcription Review: About the Company

Averbach Transcription is an online platform, allowing freelance typists to connect with potential clients and undertake transcription jobs from almost anywhere in the US. They’re one of many companies offering this type of service, but they are a popular choice with both contractors and clients alike.

The details given on the Averbach Transcription website are minimal prior to applying for the role of a typist. No contact information or basic details about the company and its origins are provided. This raises several questions and might cause prospective contractors to question the legitimacy of Averbach Transcription as a money-earning platform.

Some of the company’s basic information is available to find online, including the fact that their headquarters are based in New York City and a contact email address is provided once you begin the sign-up process. No initial information is given regarding the type of jobs you are likely to undertake as an Averbach Transcription typist.

For an online company, their website is pretty basic and not that helpful or informative for prospective contractors. Taking on online work can be daunting at the best of times. With so many scams out there freelancers are right to be skeptical of the legitimacy of most online earning opportunities.

Despite their lack of openness and engagement with potential contractors, Averbach Transcription does appear to be a legitimate online transcription platform. Reviews from both clients and contractors are generally very favorable and they are commended for their good rates of pay and the flexible nature of the work.

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What Kind of Jobs are Available with Averbach Transcription?

It’s unclear exactly what type of jobs you are likely to undertake as an Averbach Transcription typist. Most transcription platforms offer a range of documents in various formats such as video files, legal reports, speeches and meetings, general documents, podcasts and lectures.

With no other information available, we can only assume that this is also the case with Averbach Transcription.

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Applicant Requirements

Averbach Transcription requires applicants to hold at least two years of proven experience in transcription work. Evidence of this is to be given as part of the application process.

For this reason, Averbach Transcription is definitely not the right choice for beginners or those who have newly started out with their transcription career. Two years’ experience is significantly higher than many other sites of this kind, most will ask that applicants hold one year of relevant experience, with others requiring none at all.

This is likely to be due to the fact that Averbach offers clients extremely fast turn-around times on most jobs, so needs contractors who are able to meet these demands.

Other requirements include excellent attention to detail, proficiency with the English language, punctuality and high levels of accuracy, as well as the ability to work independently and consistently meet deadlines.

The application process requires you to fill in an online form before taking a twenty-minute transcription test. The test will assess your typing speed, accuracy levels, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

As an Averbach Transcription typist, you’re also required to proofread and edit your own work prior to submission.

In terms of equipment, Averbach ask that you provide your own computer or laptop, have access to a stable internet connection, a functioning email address through which you are contactable, the ability to download large files and access to transcription software of some description. These are all pretty standard demands when it comes to remote transcription work.

How Much Does Averbach Transcription Pay?

The pay reflects the demands. Because Averbach Transcription is geared towards typists with extensive experience and expertise, the rates of pay are higher than with many other platforms.

According to Averbach Transcription, typists can expect to earn $1.00 to $1.50 for one minute of audio, or around $20-$30 per hour worked. Undeniably, there are transcription sites offering even higher rates than these for the best-rated jobs, however, there are also many offering considerably less.

The good thing about Averbach Transcription, however, is that the rates start off high. As long as you complete the jobs to a good standard and within the allotted time-frame, there’s no danger of you earning less than the average hourly minimum wage. In fact, you’re likely to earn significantly more than most minimum rates.

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Averbach Transcription Review: Pros & Cons

After weighing up the different aspects of Averbach Transcription, do the pros outweigh the cons? Let’s consider the facts in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not this site is a good match for you.


1. Rates of Pay are Amongst the Highest Available

With hourly rates ranging from $20 to $30 on average, the pay rates are up there with some of the highest in the industry. Remote transcription jobs are renowned for offering inordinately low pay rates to contractors, so this is a welcome change from the norm.

2. Great Reviews from Contractors and Clients

A quick internet search will uncover a host of positive reviews from contractors and clients alike. Averbach Transcription is praised for offering fair rates of pay, the range of jobs available, and the high quality of work provided by their contractors.

3. Simple Sign-up Process

A twenty-minute transcription test might seem extensive, but given that Averbach Transcription only accept applications from those with proven experience in the field, it’s likely that the test will not be a problem for most suitable applicants. It’s also very common to have to sit a basic test prior to being accepted onto a platform like this, especially given the high demands placed on Averbach Transcriptionists.


1. Not Suitable for Beginners

A minimum of two years’ experience might seem excessive to some. This requirement definitely rules out a huge number of contractors who may be extremely talented in transcription. Undoubtedly, Averbach Transcription is not the right choice for beginners or even those with a year to eighteen months of experience working in a transcription job.

2. The Website is Minimal and Lacks Important Information

As stated at the beginning of this review, Averbach Transcription’s website is extremely limited in terms of the information it offers to prospective freelancers. They offer little information about the company itself or the type of work that they offer to contractors. Improving the website and offering a more engaging user experience is likely to increase contractor’s willingness to sign up with the site.

3. Lack of Transparency Regarding the Type of Jobs on Offer

Again, without signing up and being accepted as an Averbach Transcription typist, it’s impossible to know exactly what type of jobs you are going to be taking on. It’s true that contractors have full control and flexibility when it comes to the jobs that they undertake, but some basic info on the type of clients they work with prior to signing contracts would be helpful.

So is Averbach Transcription a Good Option?

For those with a good level of experience in transcription, yes, Averbach Transcription is a good option. Their pay rates are fair and in many cases pretty generous. They offer a simple sign up system and a great deal of freedom and flexibility to their contractors in terms of the work they take on and their own schedule. They also don’t require contractors to invest in lots of expensive equipment and software, as is the case with many transcription platforms.

However, if you’re new to transcription work Averbach Transcription is definitely not your most suitable choice. You’ll need at least two years of experience to be accepted as a contractor and the highly demanding work does not lend itself well to those without extensive experience.

Overall, the conclusion of our Averbach Transcription review is that this company definitely has the potential to improve their service by updating their website and offering more clarity on the jobs that are on offer with the site.

Nonetheless, they provide a legitimate opportunity for experienced transcription specialists to earn a respectable income.

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Averback Transcription Review
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