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If you’re looking into online transcription jobs, whether it’s for the added flexibility this could add to your life, the control you could gain over your schedule and finances, or you’re simply looking for a new, engaging career path, Daily Transcription is worth considering.

In this Daily Transcription review, we’ll cover one of the longest-running online transcription platforms that has established itself as a legitimate earning platform for online workers in the US and Canada.

Here, we will consider all you need to know about working as a typist for Daily Transcription, enabling you to decide whether or not this might be the best option for you.

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Daily Transcription Review: About the Company

Founded in 2005 by CEO Jason Reeves, Daily Transcription is a long-serving online transcription platform. This bodes well for prospective typists as it means the company has been providing legitimate money-earning opportunities to remote workers for well over a decade.

Daily Transcription offers a wide range of jobs, training and coaching opportunities. They provide transcription services to clients and companies in the legal, corporate and entertainment industries. So working with Daily Transcription, you could find yourself transcribing anything from courtroom documents to television interviews.

After successfully applying and signing up for Daily Transcription, you will be assigned jobs based on the schedule you set for yourself. You’re free to offer the availability that suits you, so this could potentially fit in around another job, childcare, or any other daily responsibilities.

The training provided by Daily Transcription is comprehensive and means that the platform is open to beginners as well as seasoned transcription specialists. As a Daily Transcription typist, you will have a number of resources available to you geared towards aiding your training and ensuring that you complete your jobs to a high standard and in line with Daily Transcriptions specific guidelines.

Assignments are sent over to typists on a weekly basis and feedback is given for each job.

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Applicant Requirements

Daily Transcription applicants will need to meet certain criteria before being accepted for work on the platform, as is the case with most sites of this kind.

Firstly, you will need to be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the United States or Canada. Payments are also made strictly via check, so you’ll need to be able to access an ATM or your bank’s local branch to cash these in.

The sign-up process is pretty straightforward. Initially, you will need to complete the online application form and attach a copy of your up-to-date resume. After this, you will be redirected to the Daily Transcription Skills Assessment Test.

This initial test will assess your typing abilities and general skills. If you pass the skills assessment you will then be asked to complete the more comprehensive transcription test, specific to your chosen area of expertise (legal, general etc.) Once you have passed this test, Daily Transcription will be in touch with your first assignments. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that some typists have reported waiting several weeks before receiving their first job with Daily Transcription.

Experience isn’t essential with Daily Transcription, although it is looked upon favorably, so be sure to detail any previous experience you have on the application form. The deadlines can be tight with Daily Transcription, so you need to be able to work quickly and with a high level of precision.

In terms of equipment, Daily Transcription asks that their typists provide their own headset, foot pedal, computer or laptop, and will need access to a stable internet connection. These are all standard of most online transcription platforms. Some of these can be expensive though, so it might be worth holding off until you’ve secured the job before heading out to purchase them.

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How Much Does Daily Transcription Pay?

Like most online transcription platforms, Daily Transcription isn’t able to guarantee typists will receive a high number of jobs or even any jobs at all. Because of this, the average pay earned by Daily Transcription typists varies greatly.

Daily Transcription claims that their top typists earn between $250 and $950 per week. It’s important to note that this won’t be achievable for most typists, and any beginners shouldn’t expect to earn this much straight off the bat.

The rates are set at $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute, which is higher than many of their competitors. It takes a skilled transcriptionist on average 4 minutes to transcribe one audio minute. So at $0.75 per audio minute, you could be looking at around $15 per hour worked.

While the rates are ok, the main issue here is that the work is not guaranteed and many Daily Transcription typists complain that the work is particularly inconsistent in comparison to other sites. So while the potential to earn a good amount is definitely there, it’s difficult to say whether or not it is actually achievable for most transcriptionists on this site.

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Daily Transcription Pros & Cons

Here we will weigh up the pros and cons of working as a typing specialist for Daily Transcription, and evaluate whether this might be a good option for you and your lifestyle or goals:


1. Excellent Training and Coaching Resources

The documents and videos provided by Daily Transcription for their typists are comprehensive and extremely informative. This is great for typists who are new to the industry or simply want to make sure they are accurately following the specific guidelines set out by Daily Transcription.

2. Good Hourly Rates of Pay

The hourly pay rates are higher than some of the other leading online transcription platforms. If you’re able to consistently secure jobs on the site, there is the potential to earn a significant amount. Of course, this is also dependent on your own availability and the speed at which you can complete jobs, which can also be hindered by bad quality audio files or unclear speakers.

3. Varied Job Types Available

The site offers transcription jobs across various industries, so there is likely to be something for every typist. This makes the work much more engaging and interesting for the typists.


1. Work is Not Guaranteed

The main downfall of Daily Transcription is the lack of guaranteed work. They don’t specify how many clients they currently work with or how many jobs they have been able to offer regularly in recent years, however, some Daily Transcription typists have reported that the work is precarious and sporadic. For many, this instability could be a major drawback. Again, this depends on your own availability and the type of jobs you are able to complete.

2. Long Application Processing Times Reported

Again, many Daily Transcription typists report having to wait up to several weeks after applying and successfully completing the Skills Assessment and Transcription Test before receiving their first job. It’s unclear why this might be, but this is definitely something to consider if you’re looking for a quick-start money-earning opportunity.


The conclusion of our Daily Transcription review is that the company is a legitimate earning platform for remote transcription specialists. Whatever transcription industries you specialize in, Daily Transcription is likely to provide jobs in that area.

The platform is not without its drawbacks, but with reasonably high rates of pay and a good level of support provided to typists, whether or not this is a good option for you really depends on the stability you require and the number of jobs you are looking to undertake on a regular basis.

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Working for Daily Transcription
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