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Taking an online typing test is a great way to gain a better overall understanding of your own skill level, how you match up to other typists, and the kind of jobs you might be able to take on as a professional typist or transcriptionist.

There is a wide range of free online typing tests available. Listed below, you’ll find nine of the most popular and user-friendly options.

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Free Online Typing Tests

1. PowerTyping Speed Test

PowerTyping offers a huge range of free typing tests varying in difficulty, length, and format. Their basic typing test will give you your typing speed in words per minute, characters per minute, and the number of mistakes made on average every minute. PowerTyping also lets you set your own preferences in terms of the text formatting, so you can adjust your settings to suit your own preferred way of working or the requirements of your clients.

The only downside with the PowerTyping tests is that you have to correct any mistakes before you’re allowed to progress with the test. This can be frustrating and is likely to impact your overall typing speed.  

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2. Free Typing Test offers six different typing tests with varying completion times ranging from one to approximately 24 minutes. The test will give you your speed in words per minute and your accuracy percentage.

You can view others’ results on the website and see how you compare and can also share your own results. You can also sign up to their mailing list to be reminded each day to go on and practice your typing skills.

The most common complaint when it comes to these typing tests is the loud audio that is used throughout the website. adds in keyboard noises while you’re completing the typing tests and these can be extremely distracting. It might be best to complete these tests with the volume down!

3. Speed Typing Online Test

The free typing tests from Speed Typing Online last between one and twenty minutes and give a good insight into your overall typing speed in terms of words typed per minute, characters typed per minute, and overall accuracy rating. The text can be reset countless times meaning you can practice as many times as you wish, and the text excerpts vary in difficulty and complexity.

The text settings can be customized to meet your own preferences, for example, you can add in extra spaces between sentences or choose the text topics or styles you prefer to work with. The test also shows you common mistakes or the characters that you tend to trip up on most frequently.

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4. Typing Cat Speed Test

Typing Cat’s Speed Test shows you your typing speed as well as your ranking in comparison to all other Typing Cat users in the last 24 hours. It will show you what percentage of users you are ahead of in terms of typing speed and accuracy ratings.

The test lasts sixty seconds and uses excerpts from different books, poems, and essays. The text has been translated using online technology so it’s not always grammatically correct and might have some strange sentence structures. This can be a little distracting and confusing but it’s also a good way of really testing your skills since lots of transcription files tend to be translated first or include colloquialisms or grammatical errors.

5. TYPRX Typing Race

This typing race from TYPRX tests your typing speed and accuracy rating in real-time. You can log in and compete with other users or participate in a private race with one other user. You can also practice independently and see how you rank in comparison to other TYPRX users.

The main issue with this typing test is that the sound effects and race element can be extremely distracting. It’s easy to get caught up in watching how your car is doing and lose track of the text, but it does make typing tests more fun and competitive, which might work well for some.

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6. TypeRacer Typing Competition

TypeRacer also lets you race against other typists and find out how you compare. You can choose to enter a race against real opponents, play against one other typist, or practice alone. Each option will let you find out your typing speed, accuracy rating, and ranking in comparison to other typists.

If you make a mistake on any of these tests, you’ll need to correct it before continuing with the test. This can be really distracting and most people find this slows down their overall speed considerably. More user-friendly tests will let you continue typing and track the mistakes for you to review at the end of the test.

7. FreeTypingGame Timed Typing Test

This timed typing test can be tailored to suit your needs or preferences. You can choose a test length of anywhere from one to five minutes and can change the font size and text style or topic. Upon completion of the test, you will be given a calculated typing speed in words-per-minute. The speed is calculated by taking the number or words actually typed and then deducting any errors or mistakes.

The great thing about this test is that it allows backspacing, so mistakes can be corrected easily with minimal time lost. However, the grammar is not always correct with this test which can be distracting and might lead to more errors being made.

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8. Fast Fingers Typing Test

The typing tests available at Fast Fingers let you practice your typing skills using lists of the ‘top 200’ or ‘top 1000’ words. It’s unclear why these words have been chosen, whether they are the most commonly mistaken words or the most commonly transcribed words. It can be challenging to type text that has no clear narrative or linear pattern, so this could be a good one to practice with, although it won’t provide much help with developing your ability to decipher conversations or your grammatical skills.

The site is not the most user-friendly and the test regularly freezes or pauses between words which can be very frustrating and will likely impact the accuracy of the results.


There is a range of typing tests to choose from with You’re free to set the duration of the test and each test is available in several languages.

The tests tend to be pretty easy to navigate and you will be given your overall typing speed as well as your accuracy rating and your ranking in comparison to others that have completed the test.

The most common complaint with these tests in particular is their visual formatting. The words typed appear within the text excerpt, with the same font, shading, and sizing. This makes it confusing to know what you need to type next and can lead to more mistakes being made.

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Final Thoughts on Free Online Typing Tests

Any of the above typing tests will provide you with a basic understanding of your own typing speed and accuracy levels, with many showing you how you match up in comparison to other professional typists.

These free online typing tests can be extremely useful tools, whether you’re new to transcription and are unsure of the kind of jobs you should be taking on, or if you’re an experienced typist just looking to track your progress and development, completing online typing tests is a great way of understanding, practicing and refining your skills.  

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