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If you’re looking into online remote working opportunities, transcription jobs are a great option and provide flexibility and freedom with the chance to develop new or existing skills.

There is an abundance of online transcription companies that outsource work to freelancers. In this Quicktate review, we’ll look at one of the leading companies, considering their rates of pay, entry requirements, and all of the other information you will need when choosing the best transcription company for you.

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Quicktate Review: What is Quicktate?

Quicktate is an online transcription company that works with external clients to provide them with high-quality transcription services by outsourcing this work to skilled freelancers. Quicktate handles all of the administrative tasks such as liaising with clients, assigning jobs, and handling payments, so as the freelancer, all you need to do is accept the jobs, complete the work and submit it within the terms of the agreement.

Quicktate provides a number of specialist transcription jobs, including medical, legal, financial, corporate, academic, and general transcription.  Quicktate is owned and operated by the same company as iDictate, and applicants can apply for both platforms using one application form. The jobs vary in difficulty and length; Quicktate freelancers will transcribe audio files up to five minutes, whereas iDictate freelancers can transcribe files anywhere between 5 minutes and several hours. 

Quicktate’s clients include Ford, Coca-Cola, CNN, and Wells Fargo, so the work is likely to be varied and engaging.

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Who Can Find Work With Quicktate?

To gain work with Quicktate, you will need excellent spelling and grammar skills, the ability to follow instructions while also working independently, as well as some typing experience (although you don’t need to hold any formal qualifications or proven professional experience).

Typists are required to provide their own equipment, so you will need access to a computer or laptop and a high-speed internet connection. You might also wish to invest in a foot pedal and headset, which could greatly increase the speed at which you are able to complete your work (see our recommended transcription equipment here).

To apply for work with Quicktate, you’ll need to head over to the company’s website and fill out the application form. You’ll also be agreeing to all of their terms and conditions, so be sure to read these through as well. If your application is successful, you’ll be asked to complete a typing test to enable Quicktate to analyze your typing speed and skills. Depending on how well you do on the test, you might be asked to undergo further testing to enable you to qualify for work with iDictate and complete larger, more complex jobs.

You’re free to set your own schedule and you can take on as many or as few jobs as you wish.

It’s important to note that both Quicktate and iDictate carry out mandatory background checks on all contractors. If you have any previous misdemeanors or felonies on record, you won’t qualify for work with either company. The background check is also to be paid for by the freelancer at a fee of $20.

How Much Does Quicktate Pay?

Quicktate does not publicly disclose how much freelancers can earn by working for them. There is no indication of payment rates or methods of payment. This is likely to be off-putting for many prospective contractors and leaves a number of important questions regarding working conditions and estimated earnings unanswered.

Reviews from current and previous employees of Quicktate suggest that payments are made predominantly via PayPal, and are pretty low in comparison to other transcription companies.

We can assume that information regarding payment is provided once the application has been approved, however, given that the freelancer must agree to pay $20 for the background check in the initial application process, it seems somewhat questionable that Quicktate fails to disclose their rates of pay prior to this stage.

While online reviews can give us an indication of the payment rates on offer, these are based only on the individual’s experience and are not guaranteed to be accurate to what you will earn. If you do choose to find work through Quicktate or iDictate, this is definitely something to be aware of.

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Quicktate Pros and Cons

Let’s now evaluate the pros and cons associated with working as a freelance typist with Quicktate.

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1. No Formal Experience Needed

Quicktate is open to all applicants from any background. Applicants are not required to provide proof of prior experience or qualifications, making this a viable work opportunity for those with little-to-no professional experience.

2. Wide Range of Jobs Available

The jobs on offer with Quicktate cover a number of different industries and sectors, from medical and legal documents to private voice messages and academic transcription.

3. Big-Name Clients

Quicktate lists some high-profile clients on their website, which instills trust in freelancers that this is a legitimate and successful company to work for.


1. Rates of Pay are Not Disclosed

Quicktate’s failure to disclose any information regarding payment rates or methods of payment is a huge con. This leaves prospective freelancers completely in the dark when it comes to how much they are likely to earn or how much work they will need to do to earn a decent amount.

2. Jobs on Offer with Quicktate are Short in Length

Quicktate offers jobs that are strictly five minutes and below in length. This might mean that they also offer low payment rates and freelancers are required to take on a large number of jobs to earn a decent amount of money.

3. $20 Fee for Background Check

The $20 background check fee is also a huge drawback, particularly since applicants must agree to this prior to being given any information about their rates of pay.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Quicktate doesn’t appear to be the best option out there when it comes to freelance transcription work.

Granted, the work is flexible and as with any remote working job, it provides the freelancer with the freedom to work from wherever they chose and manage their own schedule. However, the lack of information about payments and the background check fee leads us to the conclusion that there are undoubtedly plenty of better options out there for both beginner and experienced typists.

I hope this Quicktate review has been helpful to you. Be sure to check out the free transcription mini-course from Transcribe Anywhere if you want to learn more about making money with your typing skills.

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