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In terms of remote working opportunities, Transcription jobs are widely available and are growing in popularity. Many businesses require the services of transcription specialists, whether it’s to transcribe videos, meetings, speeches, or legal documents. In this Transcript Divas review, you’ll learn about one of the best ways to turn your typing skills into money.

With more and more people craving the flexibility and freedom that comes along with remote working, it makes sense that companies should outsource their transcription needs to remote workers. For the client, it means lower costs and quicker turn-around times, and for the contractor, it means the ability to choose the jobs they take on and set their own work hours.

In this review, we will look at Transcript Divas, considering whether or not this appears to be a good option for prospective transcription contractors.

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Transcript Divas Review: About the Company

Transcript Divas is a website through which qualified transcription specialists can connect with potential clients and take on transcription jobs from home.

Prior to founding Transcript Divas in 2013, Andrew Dodson was a regular client on other online transcription sites, outsourcing much of his company’s transcription work to remote contractors through these platforms. He found that these sites were often unable to offer turnaround times that were quick enough to suit his company’s needs. Because of this, he established Transcript Divas for his own use and that of other clients who have transcription needs and require same-day job completion.

The company’s headquarters are based in New York and Transcript Divas offers a wide range of transcription services. As a Transcript Divas typist, you might find yourself transcribing videos or films, academic articles, legal reports, or a plethora of other documents.

Transcript Divas promise their clients quick turnaround times and the lowest rates of any East Coast transcription platform, great for the client, but what does this mean for the contractors? Here we will evaluate the pros and cons of working as a typist through Transcription Divas and whether this might be a good fit for you.

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Signup Process and Applicant Requirements

The application process for Transcript Divas is fairly straightforward. Simply fill out the online form providing some of your basic information as well as an up-to-date copy of your resume.

You’re also asked to give details regarding your level of experience and may be asked to provide evidence of this. At this stage, you’re also asked to give an estimate of the time you have available to dedicate to the transcription work, although you are free to change this after your application has been processed and throughout your time working as a typist.

Transcript Divas state that they will respond to all applicants within thirty days and discourage prospective contractors from contacting them before the application has been processed to minimize any delays. For those who are keen to get started acquiring jobs and earning money, thirty days may feel like a long time, but it’s fairly standard for this type of work as these sites generally receive a large number of applications.

Transcript Divas also only respond to successful applicants and don’t offer feedback to those who are not approved.

In terms of applicant requirements, you will need a good level of experience. They guarantee clients extremely quick turnaround periods so need contractors who are able to fulfill these needs. Near-perfect typing skills are a necessity in most transcription jobs and Transcript Divas strive for 99% accuracy ratings, so an excellent understanding of language, grammar, and punctuation is essential.

Beyond your experience and skill-set, you will also need access to a computer or laptop and a stable internet connection. You’re might also want some good quality headphones and a foot pedal to aid you in maximizing the efficiency and accuracy of your work. These things can be expensive so it’s definitely best to wait until your application has been processed successfully before investing in these.

How Much Does Transcript Divas Pay?

As previously stated, Transcript Divas promise their clients some of the lowest rates available. For contractors, this is worrying as it would lead you to believe that the pay rates will be very low to accommodate for this, especially given that many online platforms of this nature are notorious for paying their contractors inordinately low rates, well below the hourly minimum.

Transcript Divas claim that this is not the case with their service. According to their site, their pay rates average somewhere around $1.39 per minute of audio. These fluctuate massively based on how long it takes to complete the job and the job’s perceived level of difficulty.

One minute of audio is thought to take around four minutes to accurately transcribe, again, depending on your level of expertise. If you’re able to work at this pace and the audio is 15 minutes long, you’re looking at $20.85 for one job taking you one hour to complete.

It really is important to note that these figures are based purely on averages and you are not guaranteed to earn this amount. But compared to some other transcription platforms, these figures are pretty good.

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How Does Transcript Divas Compare to Other Platforms?

Transcript Divas pay rates average somewhere around $0.011 per word, which sounds minuscule, but many sites offer rates less than half this amount. In fact, Transcript Divas currently offer some of the highest pay rates available to transcription contractors.

In terms of accessibility, Transcript Divas require less experience than some of their competitors. Many sites ask that their contractors have a minimum of one year’s proven experience. With Transcript Divas, previous experience is beneficial and may be required depending on the number of applicants they are currently receiving, but it’s not necessarily essential.

You’re also not required to sit any lengthy exams prior to being accepted with Transcript Divas, which is standard with most other sites. If your application is successful, you will instead be asked to carry out a phone interview and a quick test to establish your skill level.

Something to consider is Transcript Divas’ promise to clients, guaranteeing them extremely quick completion times. Most jobs will need to be completed on the same day which can be extremely taxing depending on the level of difficulty and other factors such as audio quality. For this reason, Transcript Divas might not be the best choice for those just starting out with transcription work.

Transcript Divas Review: Pros & Cons of Transcript Divas

As with most sites of this kind, it seems that there are both positive and negative elements to working as a typist through Transcript Divas. Let’s see how these weigh up:


1. Good Rates of Pay

Based on the average rates listed on the Transcript Divas site, they offer some of the highest figures of most transcription sites. If you’re able to work efficiently, there is the potential to earn a substantial amount as a Transcript Divas typist.

2. Simple Signup Process

The sign-up process is easy and requires you to simply fill out the online form and attach an up-to-date resume. Many sites require applicants to fill out lengthy, complex documents in order to be considered, so this is a much less time-consuming and complicated process.

3. Freedom to Work Remotely

As with any remote jobs, one of the main incentives is the freedom of working from wherever you choose. Working as a Transcript Divas typist means you’re able to set your own work hours and schedule and are free to work from the comfort of your own home.

4. Large Number of Jobs Listed on the Site

Transcript Divas are a well-regarded, established company, and businesses or independent clients use their services consistently. This means there is an abundance of jobs available to contractors on the site and reduces any limitations on your earning potential.


1. Long Application Process Time

Applications do take thirty days to be processed, although some may be accepted earlier. For those who are keen to get started and begin earning money through remote transcription work, this might seem like a long waiting time.

2. They Only Get Back to Those with Successful Applications

Additionally, Transcript Divas will only actually respond to those whose applications are deemed successful. If Transcript Divas decide that you’re not a good fit at this time, they won’t be in touch or offer any feedback on your application.

3. Demand for Quick Work

The demand for quick turnarounds on the majority of jobs means that Transcript Divas is best suited to those with a good level of experience and skill. For this reason, it probably isn’t the best option for beginners.


Overall, this Transcript Divas review shows that this definitely is one of the best options when it comes to online contractor platforms.

One of the major issues with these kinds of sites tend to be their low pay rates, leaving typists working long hours on complex audio files only to earn less than the minimum wage. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Transcript Divas and they pride themselves on paying their transcription specialists a fair wage for their work.

It might not be ideal for beginners or those with minimal experience as the demands on contractors are fairly high when it comes to accuracy and efficiency, but for those with a good foundation of skills and expertise, Transcript Divas provides a legitimate potential source of income.

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