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Remote, freelance work has grown considerably in popularity in recent years. The opportunity to choose your own working hours and the amount of jobs that you take on gives contractors the freedom to earn extra income alongside any other commitments or responsibilities.

Transcription work lends itself especially well to remote work and there are lots of companies offering legitimate earning opportunities to freelance typists.

When looking into online transcription work, there are several things that freelancers must consider. Firstly, you will want to work out which company offers the best opportunities to suit your lifestyle and needs.

In this Ubiqus review, we will look at a long-established online transcription job site. To evaluate whether or not Ubiqus is the best option for you, we will look at the opportunities available through the company, the entry requirements, and the payment rates offered by Ubiqus.

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Ubiqus Review: About the Company

Ubiqus transcription was founded in France in 1991. The company now offers transcription services to a large number of clients all over the world.

This is a reputable, legitimate company providing money-earning opportunities to freelance transcription specialists from all over the world, including the US.

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What Kind of Work is Available With Ubiqus?

As well as transcription, Ubiqus also offers translation and interpretation services. The work is extremely varied, covering a number of industries such as medical, legal, entertainment, financial and corporate sectors.

As a transcriptionist, you will be required to transcribe documents from both audio and video files. Documents are available in over seventy languages, so there is lots of work available for those who are fluent in more than one language.

The jobs will vary in levels of difficulty and complexity. Templates are provided detailing the preferred formatting of each job, which makes it much easier to ensure that your work is completed successfully.

With Ubiqus, you’re free to set your own schedule and no minimum work hours are imposed on contractors. It’s an extremely flexible job that allows freelancers to earn some extra income alongside their other commitments.

Feedback is given on most jobs and each job will come with a specific deadline. The completion times range from a couple of hours to a day or sometimes more. This depends on the specific job and its level of difficulty.

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What Are the Entry Requirements?

To gain work with Ubiqus, you’ll need at least one years’ proven professional experience in the transcription field. This experience should be relevant to the area you wish to specialize in. For example, those who wish to specialize in medical transcription will need prior experience in the medical sector. Ubiqus will also accept applications from those without previous experience but with relevant qualifications.

Ubiqus look for contractors with excellent communication skills and a good level of understanding of digital software.

In terms of equipment, you’ll need a computer or laptop and access to a high-speed internet connection. Ubiqus also requires their typists to use good quality headsets and foot pedals to aid the accuracy and speed of your work. The software used by Ubiqus is Microsoft Word and isn’t compatible with Mac computers, so this is something to consider if you’re looking into becoming a Ubiqus typist.

The application process is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to fill out the application form, which can be found on the Ubiqus website. The form will ask for some basic details as well as your education and work experience history. You will also be asked to upload an up-to-date copy of your resume and a cover letter.

As part of the application, you will be able to specify the line of work you are interested in applying for, but you don’t have to commit to this at this early stage and you can choose to change your specialty at a later date should you wish.

How Much Does Ubiqus Pay?

During the application process, Ubiqus will ask for your salary expectations.

Rates of pay are not disclosed on the Ubiqus website. It is likely that your payment rates will depend on your own level of experience. According to some online reviews, it seems that the rates tend to fluctuate pretty significantly, although some Ubiqus typists do state that the rates are much lower than many other transcription sites.

The methods of payment used by Ubiqus are also not specified on the website as well as the frequency of payments.

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Ubiqus Pros and Cons

Based on the information provided, what are the overall pros and cons of working as a freelance transcription typist with Ubiqus?


1. Simple Sign-Up Process

The sign-up process with Ubiqus is straightforward, although they do ask for more information than some other companies. If you already have an up-to-date resume the process can be completed quickly, although it is unclear how long Ubiqus generally takes to process applications.

2. Large Range of Jobs Available

The jobs available through Ubiqus are extremely varied and you are able to specialize in any area you choose (as long as you have relevant experience).

3. Feedback is Given to Contractors

Typists are given feedback after the completion of each job. This makes it much easier to know what improvements you might need to make in the future and aids the successful completion of future jobs.


1. Payment Rates Not Specified on the Website

The rates of pay with Ubiqus are not specified on the company’s website. Several reviews also claim that the pay can be extremely low. Given that Ubiqus require applicants to hold considerable experience or qualifications, you would expect that the rates of pay would reflect this. However, according to previous and current Ubiqus typists, this is not necessarily the case.

2. Not Open to Beginners or Those Without Considerable Experience

Ubiqus asks that applicants hold significant prior experience. The site is not open to beginners or those with limited transcription experience. So if you’re new to transcription work, this isn’t the job for you.

3. Software is Not Compatible With Mac Computers

Ubiqus requires all contractors to use Microsoft word, so you will need a windows-based PC that is compatible with this software. The site is not compatible with Mac users. This excludes a huge number of contractors.

Is Ubiqus the Best Option Out There?

While Ubiqus provides a wide range of job opportunities and helpful feedback to contractors, there are various reasons that this site doesn’t seem to be the best option available when it comes to remote online transcription work.

The lack of clarity when it comes to payment rates and the reports of extremely low pay are concerning. As well as this, the site is only open to those with extensive experience and provides no opportunities for those in the early stages of their transcription career.

The site does give freelancers the freedom to choose their own working hours and the type of jobs they wish to undertake. Aside from this, there doesn’t appear to be anything about the company that sets it above other online transcription sites.

All in all, the conclusion of our Ubiqus review is that the company provides legitimate earning opportunities to some freelancers, but there are plenty of other transcription companies offering excellent pay rates and job opportunities to a much wider range of workers.

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